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The American Psychological Association and Why Men Should Go to University/College (edited)

Peter Zohrab 2019

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There are people who think that men should not go to College/University -- see the article Why Men Should Not Go To College, for example. The main alternative to going to university appears to be to become a tradesman. However, I disagree very strongly -- and the recent news about the American Psychological Association (APA) shows why I disagree.

In August 2018, the American Psychological Association published a set of guidelines, which -- for some reason -- have only just recently received extensive publicity, as far as I know. These guidelines are called APA GUIDELINES for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men. As an article in The Spectator puts it,

I cannot claim to have read the entire 30,000-word document, but I’ve got the gist: masculinity is a bad, bad thing. Traditional male qualities like courage, self-reliance, competitiveness, stoicism, personal ambition and a love of adventure are ‘psychologically harmful’.

Now, the main reason the APA has been taken over by this anti-male ideology is that Psychology is female-dominated and Feminist-dominated. If more men had gone to university and studied Psychology, this would not have happened.

The article Why Men Should Not Go To College makes some good points and some less good points.

In its introductory section, it states:

For as long as I can remember, the percentage of men enrolled in colleges has dropped every year. Universities across America are becoming giant clam-fests, coffee klatches of sexually frustrated co-eds whining about the quality of men they’re expected to hook up with. Barring some kind of housing crisis-esque meltdown in the student loan market, higher education is only going to get pinker as the years go on.

Instead of seeing this as a problem, he author of the article thinks that it's a good thing.

He gives three reasons why going to college/university is a bad idea:

  1. "You will learn absolutely nothing," as he puts it.

  2. You will put yourself in debt for years, if not decades.

  3. You will be denigrated every day—and potentially arrested—for being a man.


  1. His First Reason: This is a weak argument, because the main point of getting a university/college qualification is to get a qualification -- not to learn something! Also, as he himself admits, how much objective knowledge you acquire very much depends on which subject you study. He apparently studied English Literature, so it is not surprising that he felt he hadn't learnt anything!!

  2. His Second Reason: This is a good point -- depending on how a given student funds his studies.

  3. His Third Reason: This makes sense if a guy just takes a short-term view of his own self-interest. If he becomes a tradesman, he may not need to get into debt and he may earn more money sooner. This may make it easier for him to find a girlfriend, since women like money and tradesmen.

However, the long-term result of this strategy is that he and his male descendants will become more and more enslaved by women. As the author himself states, "the rabid anti-male hatred on campuses is starting to have real-world effects." That is exactly my point: the universities are not just some sort of cesspool where women dildo each other and complain about men, because they spend the rest of the time writing PhDs on why all women should do whatever they do and on why why all women should think the way they themselves think! Then they become professors, CEOs, public servants, journalists and politicians and agitate for laws to make it compulsory for women to do whatever they themselves do and think the way they themselves think

At least men avoid being so extensively brainwashed by Feminism, if they don't go to university/college. However, if you haven't studied these academic subjects, you are powerless to counter the arguments put forward by Feminists which are based on these academic subjects. The Feminists will just say that you don't understand the arguments, because you haven't studied the subjects! I have studied politically useful subjects such as Law, Psychology, Political Science and Philosophy -- mostly as a mature student. That means that I can understand and counter many Feminist arguments, because they are intrinsically weak -- laughable, in fact! They do not stand up to intelligent scrutiny, but the FemiFascist universities do not encourage scrutiny of Feminist thought.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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10 February 2019