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Open Letter to CBS (edited)

Larry Steven Beene (2003)

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I was watching a popular CBS TV show and saw something that really disturbed
me. In the show a woman makes a false allegationi of rape and the show just
glosses over the severe implications and keeps on going.


I am writing to you on an episode of your show CSI. I don't know the episode number but the plot
line involved Kath's former husband being falsely accused of rape by a
stripper he knew.

In this episode a woman falsely accused Kath's ex of
raping her. It is later found out that it is done to blackmail/extort him
into getting her a record contract. What bothers me is the way the show
handled this.

Kath went to the woman's dressing room at the club the
accuser worked for and asked her about it, while telling how she (Kath) had
knowledge of the woman's planning, she (Kath) got her to confess to framing
Kath's Ex. Kath was shown to be amused at the woman's naivete at thinking
her husband could have gotten her a recording contract, but nothing was done
about this woman's false charge. Also, the false accuser let on that a
friend of hers had successfully blackmailed a man into giving the false
accuser's friend a ton of money. This is unfortunately what happens too

I KNOW this is a TV show. But, often TV show's like CSI, Law &
Order, and L&O Special Victims are used to portray what happens in real
life. We as a society hope that TV shows like these show what SHOULD HAPPEN
too and if in showing what does not happen to raise consciousness and
awareness of people who are being unfairly treated by the system. In my
opinion what should have been shown was the false accuser being arrested.
She could then have been charged with Obstruction of Justice at her
knowledge of a crime and willingness to keep the knowledge from the police.
Then the friend of the false accuser could have been arrested and a nice
ending to that part of your episode would have shown the police letting the
first man (the one blackmailed for money) know that his false accuser going
to be put into jail for Extortion and how the man could now get his money
back while the false accuser would have a criminal record and spend some
time in prison.

Instead you showed ON TV!!! how a woman will not be
charged. This "awww shucks, bad girl, tsk tsk .. don't do it again"
attitude will only encourage women who falsely accuse to feel free to do it
again. I am not sure if you know this, but there is proposed legislation
now being put forward to expand Megan's Law. What it would do is put those
ACCUSED and even those men ACQUITTED of rape to be put into a national data
base with CONVICTED sexual predators. F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!

Here is the hyper-link to the column which advocates this:

Men who are falsely accused are having their rights stripped away. Even if found not
guilty their lives are shattered. Encouraging women to do this is terrible.

I appeal to your sense of right and wrong on this. I hear "false
accusations don't happen that often" as the main dismissal. How often does
it have to happen. Is not even one woman being raped wrong? Does it not
follow that even one man being falsely accused is wrong?

I was falsely accused of rape in my life. It is not hard to guess
why I am writing to you. Despite what happened to me I am not on "one side"
or the other on rape issues. I want you to know, as a preface, that I am
strongly in the corner of women who are raped. No "buts" no "howevers" are
forthcoming. I have, in the past, had girlfriends and friends who felt
comfortable about telling me about their sexual assaults. I had one
girlfriend who was raped when she cheated on me. I was furious at her
betrayal for cheating but supportive of her about the sexual assault.

When I was in my early teen years someone attempted to molest me. It failed, but
I received little in the way of support from my family. Later when I was in
college I was accused of rape. I was caught up in the P.C. hysteria that
swept the U.S in the late 80's and 90's. Unfortunately many of the fake
"myths" and "statistics" are being used today to divide people along gender
lines. I hope that you will write back to me on this issue and if you feel
so inclined to investigate what is happening to many men (hey, we ARE people

I have become involved in the Equalist (men-rights,
equalist-feminist, nonPC-Feminist) movement. There is a TON of information
out there to dispel the false "statistics" being put out to frighten women
and have people divide along gender lines. This form of
gender-guerilla-warfare is so wrong on so many levels. Please don't
contribute to it.

Consider one last thing: Would you have put on your show
that a man confessed to raping a woman, had knowledge of ANOTHER rape by his
friend, and at the conclusion of your show had the CSI folks tell him "tsk
tsk, bad boy ... don't do it again"?

To those who will say "that has happened in the past" I say this: My name is not "men" and I will not be
punished for a thing I did not do, had no part of, had no knowledge of, and
abhor. And "revenge" upon an innocent by someone who is angry at a person
out of their reach or in the grave is sick. This very person who advocates
that was probably wronged, and in knowing this they want to hurt an innocent
person to "teach them a lesson". What lesson is gained? It's just
self-justifying garbage of an injustice done with impunity on a person who
was going about their daily lives.

I hope this letter will help you understand the message you are sending and how
dangerous, not POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS, but DANGEROUS this message you are
sending is. No one deserves to be raped and no one deserves to be falsely
accused. Stopping both should be our concern.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Steven B




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