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Feminist and Black Sexism and Racism Caused the Charlottesville Riot.

Peter Zohrab 2018

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Men are complete Unpersons in Feminist countries. While all the (very understandable) hysteria about police shootings in the USA has focussed on Blacks as the victims, in fact the victims are slightly more Male than Black. The Washington Post database shows that 95% of the victims of fatal police shootings in 2017 were Male (940 out of 987), whereas only 23% of the victims of fatal police shootings in 2017 were Black (223 out of 987). The proportion of the US population which is Black is 12.6%. Of the US population, 49% are male. If you divide their proportion as victims of fatal police shootings by their proportion in the population, you get 1.83 (23 / 12.6) for Blacks and 1.94 (95 / 49) for Males. Males, therefore, are slightly more victimised by the Police than Blacks are, but Males get absolutely ZERO favourable publicity, relative to females. That is the fault of the Fake Media. I was once talking (by email) to a New Zealand Human Rights lawyer with a PhD, who told me (more or less) that he couldn't be a Men's Rights lawyer because he thought that Maoris were disadvantaged. I said to him that Maoris being disadvantaged and Males being disadvantaged are not alternatives -- they could both be true! He then agreed that he represented Maori Males! His thinking had been distorted by the Leftist bias of the environment in which he had lived and worked. The Left is an alliance of women's groups, Maori groups, etc., and they regard White Males more or less as the enemy. Human Rights is an area which is dominated by the Left, so only women are regarded as "human", for the purposes of Human Rights.

Likewise, in the USA, both Men and Blacks are disadvantaged, but Men are more disadvantaged than Blacks, as regards police shootings -- and probably in other ways, as well.

But the Fake News Media and the Media-University Complex generally have been ignoring Men and have built up hysteria only about Black victimisation, which led to the Charlottesville Riot. The Right-Wing gathering was intended to prevent the removal of some statues which honoured Southern leaders in the US Civil War. These statues honoured historical figures who are important to the culture of the Southern states and represent more than just slavery, which was abolished a long time ago. How can we deplore the Taleban's destruction of ancient Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan, but encourage Left-Wing vandalism in the USA?

Why haven't these Leftists demanded the destructions of statues of Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun and Timurlane?

The Fake News Media and the Media-University Complex in general constantly distort our perception of issues and they should be forced to examine Men's issues!


Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.






Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

13 January 2018