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Inquiry into a Politically Motivated Conspiracy (updated)

Peter Zohrab 2018

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I wrote the following letter to the Minister of Justice.


(Open Letter to the Minister of Justice)


Dear Mr. Little,

I am writing to request that you hold an Inquiry into a conspiracy against me (mainly by Feminist women) that occurred during the term of the previous government -- especially as I believe that some of those involved worked in the state sector. Some related facts are as follows:

  • When I walked along Molesworth street, Wellington, on 24 June 2014, being a bit early for my High Court appeal hearing (CRI-2014-485-26 [2014] NZHC 1457) against my conviction in the Wellington District Court (CRI-2012-091-003317) for Assault and Disorderly Behaviour, I came upon a group of young Police Headquarters staff or Police Cadets standing on a corner near the Police Headquarters building. I did not get close enough to hear what they were saying, but one of them projected his voice loudly enough for me to hear that he said, "It was a combined effort," or something to that effect;

  • I have been a long-time critic of the Police, as well as of other powerful entities, such as Feminists, the media, the education system and some politicians, so it is reasonable to assume that some of these people do not like me very much;

  • One Police officer had once told me that I was "too outspoken" -- i.e. he had no concept of Freedom of Expression;

  • My District Court conviction was for allegedly abusing and assaulting a Maori woman, after allegedly getting into a rage over someone else closing a window on a train (none of which happened, in fact, apart from the window being closed). On Friday 2nd March 2018, as I was walking along the footpath of Ferguson street, Palmerston North, a young female, Maori or Polynesian cyclist came rapidly around the corner from Albert street and almost crashed into me -- having a good look at the expression on my face first. She braked in time and apologised. Neither of us said or did anything else and we continued on our separate ways. Because of what two separate lots of strangers called out to me across the street shortly afterwards, I knew that this had been a deliberate "test" and that I had passed it. I am very grateful to them for doing this and it was clearly the result of my having publicised my views on the case on the Internet.

  • The Judge in the High Court was a Maori woman and arguably, therefore biased. Moreover she was incompetent. She was Justice Lowell Goddard, who was more or less fired for incompetence from a United Kingdom child abuse inquiry. Moreover, her incompetence had been so well known that there was a group of Law students taking the mickey out of her in the court room before my hearing started in 2014!

  • I suggest that your officials repeat the "test" on me that was carried out on 2nd March (obviously, not using a cyclist coming around a corner, but using some other scenario), so as to convince yourselves that I do not act in the manner alleged by the conspiratorial perjurors in my court case, unless the provocation is extreme and commensurate.

  • The Police case was based entirely on eyewitness testimony -- most of it from females -- and the judge discounted the fact that I had been injured, whereas the Maori woman had not been injured. He also was not given the opportunity to hear some potential witnesses. The Police had not called them, because an audio recording by the Police 111 system would have shown them to be conspiratorial liars, along with one of the witnesses who the Police did call. My lawyer said that he could not call them as witnesses himself and then treat them as hostile witnesses. My High Court lawyer later said that he could have called them.

  • I made a complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Authority (then under Judge Carruthers), but it was rejected. However, some years previously, I had met Judge Carruthers when he was hearing submissions from Fathers' groups and I had found him to be subservient to women. Specifically, his Personal Assistant, who was present, took offence at a criticism of women that I happened to make and the Judge took it upon himself to agree with her and criticise me for making it! It is outrageous to have one's submission censored by the Personal Assistant of someone who you are submitting to in private!

  • I later mentioned the arresting Police's non-calling of witnesses to a sympathetic female Police employee at Kapiti Police Station, in the course of doing something else, and she asked if this was a complaint. I said, "No," but I later realised that she was probably hinting that I could make a complaint about it. I was not aware that you could complain about the Police to the Police themselves.


Yours sincerely,

Peter Zohrab




The Minister of Justice passed my letter on to the Ministry of Justice, but I received no substantive reply. After several months, I wrote again to the Minister and I received the following reply from the Ministry.



Eventual reply from the Ministry of Justice




Peter Douglas Zohrab

Latest Update

12 October 2018