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Men get less justice,
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We blame sexism.


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Abbott vs. Abbott

Across U.S., Non-Custodial Parents Sue

A-G v Pelling

Alabama Senate passes ban on abortion, with few exceptions

Alienation of Children

Alleged Witchhunt Cases

Appeal Court condemns demeaning.discrimination against fathers.

Appeal Ct. Reverses Judge Who Manhandled Dad in Child Support Case

Appeals Court Blocks Visit Between Husband-Killer Mary Winkler and Her Children

Appeals Court Decision Requires Procedural Fairness in Campus Sexual Assault Cases

Application for Non-Party Disclosure

Application to Recuse Judge (Aotearoa Independent Media Centre)

Application to Recuse Judge (Newstalk)

Arizona woman can use fertilized embryos to get pregnant without ex's consent, court rules

Assistant principal accused of raping 16-year-old avoids jail

Association belge des Consommateurs Test-Achats ASBL

Australian Family Law Case Database

Austria: Unmarried Fathers to Get Parental Rights

Avtar Singh Vs. Balbir Kaur



Badri Narayan vs Savitri

Banned Near Boston: More chicanery from the underworld of family law.

Benefit win for sole parents sharing custody

"Best Interests of the Child" principle

Bias in the case: R v Danny Brian Mayes

Bisbing v. Bisbing III (CBS)

Bisbing v. Bisbing III (FindLaw)

Blumhorst v Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles et al.

Bombay HC Quashes Order Directing Husband To Visit IVF Expert To Fulfill Wife's Wish For Second Child

Bombay HC slaps 25 Lakh penalty for breach of court orders, condemns misuse of Women Protection Laws

Boy's parents sue to get his baby from mom, 21

Bronx teacher who performed oral sex on 14-year-old gets 10 years probation, avoids jail, keeps teaching certificate



CA Appellate Court Says Excluding Men from Domestic Violence Programs is Unconstitutional

Caitlyn Gray sentenced for knowingly making a false statement against Kenan Basic

Calcutta high court pulls up woman for lodging false gang-rape case

California Domestic Violence Lawsuit Will Help Secure Services for All Abuse Victims

California Supreme Court Rules Against Dad in New Move-Away Decision

Cal Poly had no ‘substantial evidence’ to judge student guilty of sexual assault, judge says

Canadian man found not guilty of raping wife

Case against Canadian Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin

Case Law (Canada)

Case R v A and B shows that Men have no Rights in New Zealand

Castle Rock v. Gonzales -- Right to Self-Defense

Charges filed against rabbi in Germany over circumcision

Child abuse trial's collapse pitches French justice system into crisis

CJI Ranjan Gogoi gets clean chit in sexual harassment case, SC panel dismisses charge

Class Action Lawsuit Against Australia’s Family Violence Law

Class Action Lawsuit Against Spain

Clayton jury awards boy $31M for botched circumcision

Clayton Weatherston Witchhunt

CMP Dubay v. Wells, et al (TAM)

Comments on the case Marshall v Bermuda

Complaint to Human Rights Committee, Geneva, about Institute of Judicial Studies

Composite case from actual examples

Court Falls for Old Philosophical Trick

Court rejects student Tom Martin’s claim of anti-male bias at London School of Economics

Court Rules That A Mom Can ‘Transition’ Son Into Girl Against His Dad’s Wishes. This Is Evil, Insane Child Abuse.

Court: “Wife Filed False Domestic Violence Petition Just For Grabbing More Money From Husband”

Courts too lenient with women

Crawford v Washington

Crying rape, fleecing husband a trend: HC

Custody battle dad tells of 'crying from your heart'

Custody protest earns man libel charge



Dad sues gov't for $6.3m in case of 'discrimination

Defense attacks female genital mutilation charges

Delhi HC imposes costs on woman for false sexual harassment complaint

Diplom-Psychologe Klaus Schneider gegen Peter Thiel

Dispute over car payment ends with woman biting, striking her boyfriend

Divorced father wins child custody row with Croatia

Dobson (Litigation Guardian of) v Dobson

Drs go to High Court over abortion guidelines

Doe v Bolton Status

Domestic violence case against wife closed

Domestic Violence Panel Breaches Bill of Rights

Domestic Violence: Political Compulsions behind Lopsided Laws that Weigh Heavily in Favour of Women, Says High Court

‘Don’t allow women to rob ex-hubbies in guise of maintenance’, says Madras HC

Drake Sues Woman Over Alleged False Pregnancy and Rape Claims

Drunk seductress, 36, who forced herself on a 14-year-old boy then falsely accused him of rape when he reported her is jailed for more than four years

Drunk Student Who Falsely Accused Taxi Driver Of Rape Sentenced To Prison

Dunn v Canwest



E. B. v. New Zealand

Employment Cases (Recent New Zealand ones)

Eugen Herman Hockenjos v Secretary of State for Social Security

European court ruling creates equality for men in car insurance and pensions

Evans v. the United Kingdom 6339/05

Ex-Ohio State RB Found Not Guilty of Rape; Accuser Lied About Entire Ordeal



$400 000 circumcision lawsuit…Family sues over unsanctioned son’s foreskin removal

F & F Helps Introduce SB 1482 to Protect Alimony Obligors from Abuses

F & F’s Highly-Publicized Child Support Lawsuit to Be Heard

F & F Supporter Triumphs in Vicious False DV Accusations/Family Law Case.

'Faint hope case for men with money': Judge cuts off Sask. woman's spousal support after she asked to triple it.

Family Court Decisions (Australia)

Family Court Judge’s ruling overturned by Appeal Court as a ‘gross miscarriage of justice’

Father’s Fight: Dad scores big win for biological fathers in Florida Supreme Court

Father wins benefits appeal

Father wins custody of abducted son in Zimbabwe court

Fathers & Families takes child support challenge to new court

Fathers file petition against Israel in UNHRC

Federal judge orders female genital mutilation charges dropped in Detroit

Female CEO of Archie Comics in harassment suit: White males aren’t protected class

Female Teacher Actually Gets Serious Prison Time For Sex With Student

Feminist 'Justice' at Duke

Ferrari v. Romania

Fertility clinic didn't botch paternity results, mother lied, Quebec Superior Court rules

Final member of Blanchard paedophile ring convicted

Finding Court Opinions On The Web

Florida Father Loses Fight For Paternity Rights

Former fiancé stops frozen embryos being used for baby

Former Marlborough teacher jailed for sex with students

Former Yale student acquitted of rape sues university for $110M



Galluzzo vs. Champaign County (US Supreme Court)

Gemma Watts: Sex attacks woman posed as teenage boy

Gender Equity and Efstratiou v Glantschnig

Girls take back rape allegations

Gisborne: Couple admits beach killing

Goldberg v. Rostker

Gonzales v Carhart

Gonzales v Planned Parenthood Federation of America



Having No Male Nurses In Indian Army Is Gender Discrimination: Delhi HC

Heera Lal & Anr. vs. State of Rajasthan

Hero Father Takes Case to Kentucky Supreme Court

'He seduced you': Married housewife who had sex with boy, 14, walks free from court after judge's extraordinary ruling

#HeToo? A Fight for Men’s Rights, in California Courts: Ladies’ nights, career seminars and paternity fraud are all on the docket.

High Court of Australia

High School Girls Admitted to Making False Sexual Assault Accusations Against a Male Student Because They ‘Just Don’t Like Him’

Hockenjos v Secretary of State for Work & Pensions

Hockenjos v Secretary of State for Social Security

Hockenjos v Secretary of State for Social Security (No 2) [2004] EWCA Civ 1749 CA: Ward, Arden and Scott Baker LJJ: 21 December 2004

House mistress who had sex with five students at high school handed 'extraordinarily lenient' sentence by Sydney judge

House of Lords and Privy Council Decisions

House of Lords Judgements

House of Lords Decisions



'I thought she was going to kill me': 'No justice' for Aussie man stabbed by woman wielding high heel

'If you were a man, you'd be going to jail,' judge tells woman burglar

Impedir ver a hijos justifica cambio de custodia de los padres, determina la SCJN

Important Win for Fathers, Children in Nebraska Supreme Court

Indiana Governor Signs F & F-Inspired Bill to Protect Disabled Parents from Family Court Abuses

Indigenous Rights, Morality, Estoppel & Mabo v Queensland

Indonesian High Court: ‘Children Have Right to Relationship With Fathers’

In re Marriage of LaMusga

In re the marriage Of: John C. Rideout and Sara Dixon Rideout

International Parental Kidnapping Case (US Supreme Court)

Israel; Fathers' Rights Activist Sues for Defamation

Israeli Fathers Challenge Family Law in Supreme Court



Jailed for Teen Oral Sex, Now Ordered Free

Japan rules against divorced parents seeking access to children

Jennifer Spahmer v. Todd Gullette

Jeopardy in the Courtroom

Jobseekers' allowance sex bias unlawful

Joep Zander v the Netherlands

John Goetelen acquitté : « Je me sens justifié d'avoir fait front fermement et ouvertement »

Jordan Graham pleads guilty to pushing husband off cliff.

J. Scott Davis takes a dive for Kellett

Judge backs Down in Case Where Dad was Jailed Because His Adult Daughter Didn't Get Her GED

Judge calls rape case evidence law an ‘affront to justice’

Judge Changes Child Custody to Dad from Alienating Mom

Judge: Coronavirus not a reason to violate shared parenting, custody orders no matter parent’s job

Judge Crafts Unique Remedy in Paternity Fraud Case

Judge Quashes Part of Domestic Violence and Stalking Law

Judge questions legality of abortions

Judge said Title IX official may have helped rape accuser lie. Ohio State just settled.

Judge suspended for 45 days without pay: Gormley faulted in two cases

Judge tells banned drink-driver who caused massive crash: 'I'd have jailed you if you were a man'

Judgements (New Zealand Court of Appeal)

Judicial Raping of the American Male

Jury orders blogger to pay $8.4 million to ex-Army colonel she accused of rape



Karlheinz Schmidt v Germany

Kovalak Brief



Larry Winslow Marshall and Others v The Deputy Governor of Bermuda and Others

Lawsuit accuses Seneca Valley 'mean girls' of targeting boy with false allegations

Lawyer is seeking class-action status for a lawsuit on behalf of college students who want the right to question their accusers.

Long Island woman who made up rape allegations rolls her eyes as she is sentenced to one year in jail



Major Breakthrough for Parents in the European Human Rights Court

Males Get Longer Sentences Than Females For Same Crime

Man's court bid to stop teenage abortion

Man's Right to Choose

Man who attacked Greens co-leader James Shaw over abortion stance sentenced to prison

Man Wins $390,000 in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit after Female Colleague Gets Promotion He Was More Qualified For

Married and pregnant teacher who had sex with 15-year-old student at his home multiple times given prison sentence

Marshall and Others v The Deputy Governor of Bermuda and Others

Marshall v Bermuda

Massachusetts father awarded 40.25 million judgment against former wife

Massachusetts Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Opinions

Matter of Belden v Keyser

Matthew Dubay vs. Lauren Wells (2007 Appeal)

Men & Women Against Discrimination v The Family Protection Services Board

'Men's rights activist' loses third bid for appeal over train assault
(See also: "New Zealand Police v Peter Douglas Zohrab -- District Court Judgment, High Court Appeal Judgment, High Court Judgment on Application for Leave to Appeal to the Court of Appeal and Court of Appeal Judgment on Application for Special Leave to Appeal to the Court of Appeal.")

Men's Rights Judgements Daily

Miami Judge Gets It Right, Rules for Embattled Cuban Father in 'Elian Gonzalez II' Case

Michigan Supreme Court orders new trials over expert testimony

M.K. Malhotra vs Kirti Malhotra

More Case Law

M v M

Mother Loses Custody After Preventing Father Seeing Child

Mother-of-three Sophie Skinner jailed for false rape claim

Mother told friend she was abusing baby weeks before causing her brain damage

Mukesh Vs Sangeeta

Mum loses custody of three children after coaching them to badmouth her ex husband

My Battle in the Family Court



National MP Maintains Innocence

NCFM Sues Selective Service for Requiring Only Men to Register for the Draft

New Ohio Abortion Legislation: Fathers Will Have Final Say

New Zealand Police v Peter Douglas Zohrab -- District Court Judgment, High Court Appeal Judgment, High Court Judgment on Application for Leave to Appeal to the Court of Appeal and Court of Appeal Judgment on Application for Special Leave to Appeal to the Court of Appeal.

NH Supreme Court: Parental Alienation Inimical to Child’s Best Interests

Nine months after conviction in rape case, HC acquits man

NJ Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Important DV Restraining Order/Evidence Standard Case

NZer's appeal against paedophile conviction 'granted'

No. 96-3308 October 2, 1997

No.94-314 In The Supreme Court of the United States

No Equal Treatment for Fathers

No Prison For Texas Teen Who Lied About Being Raped By 3 Black Men



Ontario judge rules that sexual assault trials need to balance the rights of accused



Parent's Day National Class Actions

Parent trap

Paternity Case Marks Progress for Defrauded Fathers

People v. Robert Turner, Jr.

Philadelphia Judge Wrongly Jailed Father in Custody Case, Appeals Court Rules

Plate v. State (10/17/96) ap-1493

Plotting ex-wife gets 7-14 years in jail

Predator’ mother sobs as she’s jailed for raping daughters’ underage boyfriends

Privy Council and House of Lords Decisions

Privy Council Decisions

Probate & Family Court Judicial Assignments

Public Interest and Public Ignorance



Queensland Judge Punishes Paternity Fraud



Raz v. Brown

Return proceedings lasting 13 months breach father’s Article 8 rights

Right To Life New Zealand Inc v The Abortion Supervisory Committee SC 73/2011 9 August 2012

Right to Self-Defense — Castle Rock v. Gonzales

R v A and B

R v Danny Brian Mayes

R v Peter Hugh McGregor Ellis

Roe v Wade for Men




Sally Challen walks free as court rules out retrial for killing abusive husband

Scheming Christian rocker, 48, avoids jail after falsely accusing boy, 13, of rape

Scott Crockford v Chase R.C.M.P. and B.C. Crown Counsel

Search all Circuit Courts of Appeal

Secretary for Justice v HJ

Sexual harassment: Women can't always be treated as innocent victims, says Delhi Court

She Killed His Son but He Must Pay Her Alimony

Snay v Vest

Stephanie McCrea, Vancouver teacher accused of child rape, appears in court

Students accused of sexual harassment sue California universities

Students cleared in college rape say SC school discriminates against men, lawsuit says

Supreme Court Decisions, 1937-1975

Supreme Court Hears Partial Birth Abortion

Sweat (Child Support) Case



Teacher blames 15-year-old student victim for affair

Teen 'made up' gang rape claim, Cyprus court finds, and now faces jail

Teenaged girl who fatally stabbed man who caught her breaking into his car jailed, granted permanent name suppression

Television programme shows Bias in Family Court

Television Programme Shows Callousness towards Men in Domestic Violence

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals cleared Kelley on Wednesday.

The Abortion Supervisory Committee v. Right to Life New Zealand Inc.

The case R v A and B shows that Men have no Rights in New Zealand

This time, mothers score court victory

Top judge says mothers should have children taken away if they don't let fathers see them

Three months' jail for mother who kept child from his father

Tom Martin sues LSE's Gender Institute for teaching sexism

Tranz Metro railway Discrimination and Cultural Lesbianism

Treaty of Waitangi has no Principles

Tribunal To Rule If Crown Policy Is Anti-Male

Trociuk v. British Columbia (Attorney General), [2003] 1 S.C.R. 835, 2003 SCC 34

Two Brazilian lesbians stab a boy one year after cutting off his sex organ to make him a “girl,” but the press and psychologists refuse to link the crime to homosexual behavior



U.K. Woman Can't Use Frozen Embryos, Human Rights Court Says (6339/05 Evans v. the United Kingdom)

Una madre mentirosa

University of Queensland faces legal challenge over sexual assault allegation against med student

USA v. Timothy Joe Emerson

US District Court: Citizen Journalists Have Same Rights as News Media

US Supreme Court to Hear Child Support Case



Van Raalte v the Netherlands

Victory for Father in Child Abduction Case

Vishal Vs. Aparna & Ors.

Vladek Filler files suit due to false allegations



Washington Dad Awarded $9 Million in False Sexual Abuse Case

Washington State Court Opinions

'Why I falsely accused father of abusing daughter': Police leant on me to stand by claim, social worker told tribunal

Wiebe v. Bouchard et al

Wife wins in court's property shock

Willis v the United Kingdom

Winnipeg Child and Family Services (Northwest Area) v G (DF)

Without Authority

Woman gets supervision for killing baby

Woman Given Tough Sentence For False Accusation

Woman jailed for falsely accusing teenager of raping her in public toilets

Woman jailed for nine years over harassment

Woman ordered to pay ex-husband thousands for paternity in Madrid

Woman to pay Rs 50 lakh for accusing actor of rape

Woman told lies about husband’s behaviour and tried to exclude him from son’s life

Woman who assaulted former partner discharged without conviction

Woman who bit flight attendant sentenced

Woods v Shewry





Y v University of Queensland & Anor.



Zohrab v Attorney-General & Others











Peter Douglas Zohrab

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