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Devious Media Strategies

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Dateline: 19th August 2015.

When someone (usually me!) criticises anti-male bias in the New Zealand media, it is useful to note how the media react to that criticism. This is what they do:

  1. They do NOT mend their ways and allow men to have freedom of speech;

  2. What the media do is decide what sector of society is most likely to support freedom of speech for men, and then:-

  3. The media do something which they think will appease that sector of society -- without giving men any freedom of speech.

Typically, the Feminist media will insert a religious (Christian) item into their news or current affairs, or trot out their female presenter who most resembles a conservative Christian -- on the grounds that it is conservative Christians who are most likely to support equality for men. However, after I wrote "The Poodles, Paul Henry and Simon Dallow, Treat Men Like Mushrooms", there have been different reactions today:

  1. TV One's Breakfast weather slot featured the southern sport of curling and scenic photography from the South Island (presumably on the grounds that South Islanders are more conservative than North Islanders);

  2. TV3's early morning programme (Paul Henry) had an item on how boys' education is allegedly improved by frequent rides on exercycles;

  3. Radio New Zealand had a news item on new rifles that the Army is buying (presumably on the grounds that the armed forces are likely to be more pro-men than other sections of society)!

The Radio New Zealand item was the most extraordinary, in that the news value to the general population of new Army rifles would certainly be considered to be very low. It has to be realised that Radio New Zealand routinely slots in items of Feminist propaganda about domestic violence, rape, girls' education, etc. at the end of its bulletins, so Radio New Zealand presumably thinks that if they occasionally put in items to appease the armed forces, that allows them to keep pumping out their Feminist propaganda at taxpayer expense.

TV3's response seems the most rational and the most appropriate. However:-

  1. They had no Men's Rights activist on the programme; and

  2. The only person they interviewed was the mother of a boy.

That is typical of the Feminist media: to them, only women have the right to an opinion about Men's Rights. Similarly, when there was a news item today (on either TV One or TV3) about workplace safety, they did not interview a male worker -- just a woman demonstrator who pleaded on behalf of "our men". Men only have rights when they are viewed as possessions of women! Similarly, the National War Memorial -- an outrageous eaxmple of Feminist sexism -- does not have statues of male soldiers (as far as I know -- it has just been remodelled), but only of a mother and children (inside the building) and of a Maori woman outside it!


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