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Peter Zohrab 2017

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My email address peter@zohrab.name is now working again. I had to ask register.com TWICE to organise the change of New Zealand address to forward my email to. I asked a woman to do it two days ago, but nothing happened. This time I spoke to a man and it got done immediately.

Register.com is one of these companies (including Google) that make a big thing of being "diverse", as you can see from the photo of their so-called "award-winning" support staff at https://www.register.com . Being "diverse" just gives everyone except White males a sense of entitlement, as you can see from the way that woman forced me to make TWO toll calls to the USA from New Zealand and lose a lot of emails, no doubt.

The phrase "White males" applies in countries such as the USA and New Zealand, but in India the term would be "Indian males" and in China it would be "Chinese males", and so on. In fact, Google used to have a high proportion of Chinese males before "diversity" became the ruling policy. Now that Google has implemented a policy of "diversity", I expect that it will gradually decline and go the way of Yahoo! etc..

Google's "diversity" means that on White Ribbon Day last year Google News featured pro-White Ribbon Campaign propaganda as well as actual news.

Hiring women is not a good thing -- it is a bad thing, because a lot of them just use their jobs to discriminate against men who have different views from them!! Especially if incompetent women are hired at the expense of competent men.

Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.



Peter Douglas Zohrab

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14 October 2017