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Dyke TV Sets Trap for Top Lawyer

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Lawyer Gary Gotlieb is on record as having said that he is apparently one of the "Good Guys", as far as the Fathers' Movement is concerned. I can vouch for that -- I spoke to him many years ago when it became clear that he was the only lawyer I had heard of who believed that Human Rights covered men, as well as women! Maybe that was the reason why one of the bimbos at Dyke TV (a.k.a. TV Wom or TV One) caught him off-guard and got him to reluctantly agree, when she asked him if three Polynesian women would have got more compensation if they had been White Males. I've been caught like that a few times, when you say something you don't really agree with, in order to be polite, and because you don't have any statistics to refer to.

The printed story at http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/411368/850656 only says:

"Their lawyer Gary Gotlieb believes the reason the case has been handled so badly by the government, is because the trio are all Polynesians."

But the broadcast version mentioned the fact that they were women, as well.

Of course, journalists are usually so stupid that they think, "Duh -- women -- duh -- oppressed" as a basic fact of life like hairdos and nail-polish, so it could just be that this bimbo thought that she was being clever and analytical.

In fact, a Ministry of Justice research study at http://www.justice.govt.nz./pubs/reports/1999/sentence_in_nz/chapter_11.html#11.3.4 states:

"Gender 'is not in and of itself a justification for discriminating between offenders' (Hall 1998, page B173-4). Yet, the results of the multivariate modelling show that females are more likely than males to receive community service, community programme or no sentence and less likely to receive a prison sentence, periodic detention or a monetary penalty. Thus, gender differences in sentencing persist even after taking account of differences in the type and seriousness of the offence committed (e.g. the average seriousness of offences committed by women is lower than for men) and in the extent of previous offending (e.g. women have fewer previous convictions on average; section 3.1). Indeed, gender is the amongst the most significant variables influencing the probability of receiving a community service sentence or a monetary penalty."

So it is extremely likely that women are more likely than men to get compensation -- especially as media such as Dyke TV constantly peddle the myth that women are relatively badly off, which increases sympathy for women, and gets them the pampered treatment they currently enjoy throughout Society.

The Prisoners' and Victims' Claims Act 2005 is a very new piece of legislation. There are not likely to be any statistics available yet on what races or sexes get compensation under it, or how much. Section 3(1) states:

" (1)The purpose of subpart 1 of Part 2 is to restrict and guide the awarding of compensation sought by specified claims in order to help to ensure that the remedy of compensation is reserved for exceptional cases and used only if, and only to the extent that, it is necessary to provide effective redress. "

Obviously, the Act is designed not to be generous in its awards of compensation. Because women are so pampered by the media, however, all we need is a few more cases where women complain about their compensation, and the pressure will be on to amend the Act to make it less penny-pinching.


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