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Feminists 41 Rugby Union 13: the Stripper beats the Strippers

Peter Zohrab 2016

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New Zealand professional rugby players make money by getting women to perve at them. See http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/9111932/Dan-Carter-Ten-years-in-his-Jockeys .

So it was just poetic justice that the Rugy Union has been "smacked" by a stripper! See http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/super-rugby/82789997/Stripper-speaks-out-alleges-Chiefs-players-inappropriately-touched-her . Mind you, if she was treated the way she claims she was treated, I think the Police should have been called in. I may be a Men's Rights Activist, but I am not in favour of sexual assault or sexual harassment. Two female dentists, one waitress, and one female teacher have assaulted me with their breasts -- not to mention one girlfriend sucking off my penis without asking me first -- and I complained about three of those events to the Police. Of course, the pussy-whipped, gutless, man-hating, scum-Police refused to do anything about it, as usual, but at least I tried!

The Rugby Union is now apparently "accepting help from sexual violence advocates to see how it can improve," so maybe men will at last realise who is THE BIG BOSS in New Zealand! Women are the boss, and rugby players just ponce around the field so that women can perve at them!

I say that, because, when all the top positions in New Zealand were held by women, I heard of some man saying that all men had left was the All Blacks. That is just cheap symbolism. In terms of the Sex War, the All Blacks are completely irrelevant. What have the All Blacks ever done for men? What matters is policies. While Kiwi males have been playing rugby for women to perve at them, women have taken over the country, by constantly lobbing for anti-male policies.

Meanwhile, because other men are too gutless to stand up for their own rights, women have been targetting me.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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29 September 2016