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Feminist Responsibility for Female Foeticide

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In a post on a website, someone called India Kate gave the standard line on Female Foeticide, of course blaming male preference for the phenomenon: http://indiakate.blogspot.com/2005/10/on-gender.html . Sumanth has meanwhile squarely blamed the feminists for foeticide: http://www.saveindianfamily.org/blogs/2005/09/29/cooked-data-alarmism/ .

But let us go back and find out why parents are preferring a male child . There are two reasons: one is fear and the other is responsibilities.

Let us look at the scare portion first. Feminists have peddled the propaganda line that women will have a tough life because:

These scare-tactics make parents not want to have a girl child.


Next, let us look at responsibilities

A boy is supposed to, and forced by law to take responsibility for his parents;

Society also want the boy to take responsibility for the family;

Society and the law do not expect the girl to take any responsibility;

Who will not want to have responsible child ?


If you want the female foeticide to stop:


Also, if you want to increase male foeticide:

Please inform parents the following:

But, if the feminist stop their scare-mongering, then foeticide will stop

Why did we have a high sex ratio of girls to boys in the early 1900s (which is now coming down)? It is correlated to feminist scare tactics and trying to absolve women of all responsibility. After all, who wants to give birth to someone who will suffer and who will not take responsibility? It is a natural reaction to the the scare-mongering of the feminists.




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