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Media-University Complex Reduced to Hopping !

Copyright Peter Zohrab 2004

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The most important result of the 2004 US presidential election is arguably the fact that even the media have been forced to talk openly about left-wing media bias. (See also the articles at the Media Research Center http://www.mediaresearch.org/ ).

The page http://www.mediaresearch.org/cyberalerts/2004/cyb20041109.asp#5 reports that twice as many people in one poll thought the media was biased for Kerry as thought it was biased for Bush. And I even saw a Democratic adviser to Kerry say on television that people's perception of leftist media bias was one factor that diminished popular support for Kerry !

Information is the most important front in the Sex War. Because of the power that the Internet has given to ordinary people to sidestep the media liberal monopoly, the liberal (i.e. totalitarian leftist) media is being discredited, and its monopoly diluted by newcomers such as Fox TV.

The Media-University Complex will soon be reduced to hopping ! One of its legs, the leftist media, is crippled, and only its leftist education leg is still viable. Isolated, the totalitarian leftist universities will be encircled -- in Maoist fashion -- by the forces of Masculinist Revolutionary Truth, and their power, like that of the leftist media, will also buckle and collapse, in time !




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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