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The Interests of Men (updated)

Peter Zohrab 2017

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Letter to PM

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(Open Letter to the New Zealand Prime Minister)


Dear Mr. English,


I have heard you say that Paula Bennett, as Minister for Women, would "represent the interests of women at the highest level of government".


Under the Official Information Act, could you please tell me:


1. who will be representing the interests of men at the highest level of government;

2. what that person has ever done for men in government; and

3. what plans you have to equalise the representation of the interests of men and the interests of women by either abolishing the Ministry for Women or creating a Ministry for Men.



For your benefit, I list briefly here some of the Men's Issues that your Government might like to address:


1. Media Bias

2. Male Studies as a subject at universities

3. Ministry of Men's Affairs

4. Criminal Law Punishment of False Accusations

5. Sexist Laws such as "Assault on a Female" must be removed from the statute-books.

6. Sex Crime Law should impose responsibilities on the passive party to a date -- not just on the active party.

7. Police Bias

8. Conscription.

9. Rights For Fathers about Abortion (if abortion is legal).

10. Men's Health and Longevity

11. Sports Apartheid: Employment Equity Demands the Integration of all Men's & Women's Sports -- not just horseback sports.

12. Legal Equality of Male and Female Circumcision

13. Sexist Language such as "gunman" instead of "shooter", "hatchet-man" instead of "hatchet-person" and "manhunt" instead of "person-hunt".

14. Advertising that denigrates and belittles men


In due course, I received the following reply:



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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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4 March 2024