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The Lesbian Mainstream Media and Education System

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Goebbels is alive and well -- his legacy has been inherited by the Female Supremacist media and education system.

On March 21st 2006, the TV WOM 6 O'clock News included an item where presenter Wendy Petrie introduced an item on male cosmetic surgery by saying something like: "New Zealand men apparently have been hit by a severe attack of vanity." Then she said that male use of botox was now 33% of total use. This negative slant on male behaviour is uncalled-for.

Logically, that would mean that women are twice as vain as men, but you would never get an item introduced on TV WOM like: "New Zealand women apparently have been hit by an attack of vanity twice as severe as that suffered by men."

That is because there is a partly-deliberate campaign by Feminists to denigrate men. It is only partly deliberate, because the Western media and education systems have indoctrinated us so effectively in Lesbian man-hating that despising men is now a normal aspect of Western culture.

The other side of the coin is that Feminist journalists use the media to artificially bolster women's self-esteem. For example, Michelle Quirke, in the Dominion Post of 15 March 2006, wrote an article entitled: "Will you take this lesser mortal?", which was about a study that apparently found that there are a lot of educated women nowadays who are "forced" to marry less educated men.

Not only does this sexist article disparage men and boost women's egos, but it ignores the fact that Feminism has taken over the education system, tailoring it to produce success for girls and failure for boys -- just as it has taken over the work-force with incoherent "Equal" Employment Opportunity policies.

It is only when you get to the bottom of the article that you find out that the study also indicates that the excess of women over men in a certain age-group in New Zealand might well be caused by men voting with their penises and bringing foreign brides home, so as to avoid marrying a Kiwi man-hater.

Other examples of ludicrous women-boosting that I have come across are a white-haired Feminist teacher refusing to believe that any female teacher could do anything bad, and a gushing statement by man-hater Linda Clarke (formerly on Radio New Zealand) about how heroic (all) women were (in relation to their health problems).

Feminist journalists do not take right-wing politicians at face value, so why should we take Feminist journalists and teachers at face value ? They are, by and large, sexist man-haters, and their numbers and influence have to be controlled.


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