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If Jacinda Ardern is Lipstick on a Pig, Who is the Pig that she is the Lipstick on?

Peter Zohrab 2017

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Gareth Morgan, the Leader of the Opportunites Party, has called Jacinda Ardern, the Leader of the Labour Party, "Lipstick on a Pig."

It is obvious that the "pig" is Helen Clarke, who has come back from failing to take over the United Nations to take over the New Zealand Labour Party again! Jacinda Ardern has the reputation of being a flake, so Helen Clarke is presumably her minder and will be running the country again if Jacinda Ardern becomes Prime Minister.

Of course, some people thought that Gareth Morgan was calling Jacinda Ardern a pig, but that was clearly not the case.

Jacinda Ardern herself claims to be relentlessly positive, but I heard her tell Duncan Garner on his TV3 AM Show that he couldn't weasel some details out of her -- and he promptly told her not to call him a weasel! So, although Ardern would presumably argue that she wasn't calling him a weasel, Garner was quite sure that she was.

Ardern also criticised Mike Hosking for asking about her clothing, but the point is that women (including Ardern) typically wear much more varied clothing than men do and spend much more time worrying about clothing. This gives female politicians the advantage of looking different every time they appear on the media, whereas men's suits do not vary so much and look relatively drab. Female politicians should be forced to wear drab clothing as male politicians tend to do.

Likewise her hair. When Ardern wants to look like the Duchess of Cambridge with teeth on, she wears her hair long. But when she wants to look intelligent, she wears it bunched up near her head. Male politicians don't usually have those options, so female politicians should be restricted as to their hairstyles too.

Of course, Feminists typically complain that people pay more attention to female politicians' appearance than to male politicians' appearance, but that is not necessarily the case. For example, Newshub says that "Mr Dunne is well known for his signature bowtie and his floppy mop of silvery hair" and I have often heard journalists going on about his hairstyles. This is part of the general Feminist complaint that men treat women as sex objects. But women treat men as sex objects too!!


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