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Me Too Slutty: Why the "Me Too" Movement Proves that Women Should Lose the Right to Vote

Peter Zohrab 2018

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The "Me Too" movement has brought the Feminist Spoiled Child Syndrome to a new fever pitch. Moreover, it is bound to inspire further anti-male legislation and policies in many countries. Not only has the initial Feminist campaign been all about the women's point of view -- the Anti-Feminist response by "some 100 prominent French women artists and intellectuals" has also been largely about the women's point of view. It has simply been assumed that all the victims are females -- or, at least, that all the perpetrators are males.

In fact, most of these actresses probably dressed themselves provocatively (see: https://www.google.co.nz/search?rlz=1C1AVNE_enNZ672NZ672&biw=1600&bih=807&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=6SJaWpSPMIuw8QXC4LKACg&q=Oscars+cleavage&oq=Oscars+cleavage&gs_l=psy-ab.3...60092.64550.0.65728. ) -- i.e. so as to excite male sexual desire, which they could exploit for their professional benefit. Actors (males) do not expose their bodies in this way. However, many Feminists demand that these actresses be called "actors", as if there was no difference between the job of an actors and actresses. Clearly, however, the job of actors is just to act, whereas the job of actresses is, in part, to flaunt their bodies! See: Brigitte Bardot: Actresses who complain about sexual harassment are 'hypocritical' and 'ridiculous'.

This female exhibitionism constitutes sexual harassment! If actresses dress and act provocatively around male (and/or Lesbian) actors, agents, producers and directors, etc., this may induce a sexual reaction in those people, which forces them to choose whether to resist the temptation or give in to it. When Monika Lewinsky (allegedly) walked into the Oval Office and lifted her skirt above her head, she was sexually harassing Bill Clinton, forcing him to choose how to deal with the sexual arousal that this apparently caused in him. When my close teaching colleague exposed (in turn) her legs, her breasts and her underwear to me, she was sexually harassing me, forcing me to choose how to deal with any sexual arousal that this caused in me. And when an optician's receptionist, having opened her top, bent forward and exposed her breasts to me, grinning with delight, she was sexually harassing me, forcing me to choose how to deal with any sexual arousal that this caused in me.

I have experienced a more senior teaching colleague press her breast against my arm and another three more senior teaching colleagues have leaned forward to partly expose their breasts. I have also experienced two dentists and one waitress press their breasts against my head.

When I was teaching English as a Foreign Language at a university abroad, for part of the time I had part of a small building to myself and my students. When assessing students as to their English conversation, I did this one to one. Almost all my students were female, and almost all of them came into the room and bowed low when sitting down, having obviously decided that I like looking at cleavage. One or two had even torn off a button from the top of their blouses. Even when I had moved back into a shared building, these students continued to do this at assessment time -- until it was noticed and reported on by a teaching colleague at a neighbouring desk! I would guess that most of the "Me Too" sluts had been doing this kind of thing to further their careers -- and then complained about the resulting male behaviour afterwards!

Men are forced to act (DO SOMETHING) on the basis of their sexual feelings, to a much greater extent than women are. A man is going to get absolutely nowhere just by having a feeling of sexual attraction towards some female. The chances that she will initiate a relationship are small. In fact, pretending to touch a man accidentally is considered by some women to be a sexual advance! The man then has to guess that it was not really an accident and make the first overt move. Of course, if he guesses wrong, then he is in danger of many kinds of negative consequences, such as an accusation of sexual harassment, or worse! The most traumatic sexual event of my early puberty was when, at a party, I found myself alone in a room with my first girlfriend and I did not realise that I was supposed to make a pass at her. She immediately dropped me! Many years later, at a formal party, I sat down on a random chair and a young woman immediately assumed that I wanted to chat her up, because I had sat down next to her!

Women often exploit the way they can be passive and force men to make the first move. For example, at a branch of "The Warehouse" chain, a female staff member presented a "pleased to see you" profile to me, while I was waiting for her to be free to answer a question for me. When I eventually got to speak to her, I did not talk to her about anything other than what I wanted to buy, but she obviously complained to Management, because I was later subjected to a "test", whereby I came across her again -- this time in the presence of Management. Needless to say, I passed this test -- and she failed -- because I did no pay any attention to her. That store is crawling with Feminists and that woman had clearly put on a "pleased to see you" face in order to tempt me into some behaviour that she could complain about. Later, in that store, I was confronted with two young women walking towards me, holding hands and pretending to be Lesbians. They were trying to get me to behave in some hostile manner that they could complain about -- but they failed!




However, some men, such as I myself, still remember that Feminists have won a lot of political victories by arguing that they wanted EQUALITY. The "Me Too" movement, however, proves that what Feminist women want is actually total DOMINATION -- to be achieved by constantly using the Fake News media to publicise fake, one-sided scandals.

What is the thought-process or philosophical algorithm by which Feminists decide what is and is not "equality" between men and women? There are plenty of Feminists employed by universities as pseudo-academics, so they should have been able to come up with one by now! The fact that they have not come up with one shows that Feminist women are either stupid, or hypocritical, or both.

In Law (I have a Law degree, among others), there is usually a "test" which courts can use to apply to the facts, so as to see if the facts indicate a transgression of a particular law, rule or regulation, or not. So what is the test by which Feminists decide whether some particular situation of men and women involves equality or not -- and do they apply this test across-the-board to all social and political issues without exception? Of course, there is no such test and Feminists only worry about "inequality" when it appears to affect women -- if it affects men, they ignore it, suppress it or censor it! See: "'Game Of Thrones' Star Forced To Apologize For Saying Men Can Be Victims Of Sexism."


I do not agree with the Anti-Feminist response by "some 100 prominent French women artists and intellectuals" , which appears to condone sexual harassment and sexual assault. However, it is impossible to arrive at equitable solutions to almost any social issues in the totalitarian, Feminazi, media-education system dictatorships, which is what so-called "liberal democracies" now are. There is total censorhip of pro-male points of views in the media and education system, so men should reject the so-called "liberal democracies" totally and look for alternatives. Giving women the vote has been a serious mistake and that decision should be reversed.


Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Peter Douglas Zohrab

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2 February 2018