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The Opinion of One Russian Patriarchalist on Men's Rights

by Michael Nicolai Motorin (edited by Peter Zohrab)


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(Because the author is not a native-speaker of English, and because he sent his essay in as a handwritten letter, his meaning has at times been interpreted by the editor (Peter Zohrab).)



Women's Monopoly

Men's Ideal of Beauty

Discrimination Against Men

Women's Privileges

Situation in Russia

Situation in Central Asia (Afghanistan)



My opinion is as follows: there are three main directions in the heterosexual Men's Movement (there is also a strong men's homosexual movement, but we are not referring to this):

  • Patriarchalistic;
  • Masculinistic; and
  • Misogynistic.

They can cross each other and combine, but they are different from each other.

The first direction (Patriarchalistic) is against any "women's rights". There are two subdivisions here:

  1. Muslim;
  2. Hellenic.

The Muslim strand considers that the modern Western World is abnormal, states that Equality is arithmetical, and wrongly considers that the Muslim woman has all the rights which she should have according to Nature, and so on ...

The Hellenic strand considers that women are by nature lower in a spiritual and intellectual sense and that they can't have equality with men for this reason... I can say that I'm a Patriarchalist in the Hellenic sense...

The second direction is Masculinism, which is not against women's rights, but just wishes to achieve Equality.

And the third direction is Misogyny, when you simply feel some kind of hatred for the female sex, and so on ... It's worth pointing out that this third direction usually appears in the context of Feminists' insulting men and of the generally unfair activities and behaviour of Feminist women...

Four Issues

1) Women's Monopoly

In the days whe the Feminist movement began, everybody spoke about Men's Monopoly in Politics, Economy, & Culture... But nobody mentioned that there were some Women's Monopolies -- in the Ideal of (heterosexual) Beauty, Rights over children in the family and in society, and, for example, freedom from obvious military service... So this problem of the existence of Women's Monopoly is a real one in the modern world...

2) Men's Ideal of Beauty

I'd like to pay attention another time to the problem of the Ideal of Beauty: this does not mean the problem of homosexuality. No, the fact is we don't think only lesbians speak about women's Ideal of Beauty, so why must we think only gays speak about men's Ideal of Beauty ?

I think this is a "mixed" problem, which could be taken up by gays (and they do so), and by heterosexual men, too... We shouldn't adore only Venus of Melos, but also Apollo of Belvedez; and a man shouldn't be shy of his nudity, but should be proud of his naked body -- no less than a woman. And, by the way, he should have the opportunity to earn money through it ...

We must remember, after all, that the Best Culture in the World -- the Ancient Greek culture -- considered Men's Beauty higher than women's, and it was precisely the Ancient Classical Greeks culture which was the most Patriarchalistic, though not in an Islamic sense.

3) Discrimination Against Men

Moreover, women, having got 50% of the rights in some areas, started practising discrimination against men, wishing to get even more than 50%... and in some lands and in some areas they have got 70%, 80%, and even 90%. For example, in secondary schools.

4) Women's Privileges

And, lastly, there is the problem of women's privileges ... There are plenty of little, tiny privileges which they have had up till now and don't want to lose... I mean everything from "polite behaviour in the presence of a lady" to talk of their being the "weaker sex", and so on...

So I see now three main problems for our struggle: Women's monopoly, Discrimination against men, and women's privileges. But, generally, our time is the time of a mortal struggle for men's right to preserve the true Culture and Civilisation which we men have created ... fight against the coming barbarity of the degenerate sex of women, which created nothing, but would like to use everything and, even, to dominate... But we'll win !

The Situation in Russia

As regards the situation in modern Russia, I'd say as follows: Russia in the period of the USSR was ruled by dictators, but the situation was "de facto" (not officially and not "de jure", of course) Patriarchalistic, in all areas of society... At any rate, no feminists existed... Feminism was considered "bourgeois" and was not allowed in the anti-bourgeois USSR... And, as you see, it was objectively better for masculists and even for patriarchalists... There weren't any feminist or masculinist groups.

Now there is a democratic republic... And what is the new situation ? The "de facto" patriarchalistic situation in all areas of society has begun to disintegrate... There are plenty of feminist groups all over the country ... plenty of feminist magazines and newspapers, and there are rather many feminist programmes on national TV... By the way, the staff of Russian TV is now 75% female, so even at this moment men are oppressed...

On the other hand, no masculist group has appeared during the long period of ten years of democracy ... So, it could perhaps be termed "selective" democracy ... Except, maybe, one single group -- the so-called "Black Knight" (?)... about the existence of which I've got to know, mostly, not from the Russian, totally feminist, mass media, but from a German Russian-language radio programme ... I've got to know, too, that this group tried to speak on TV and to stand up for men's rights, but was not allowed ...

We haven't so far got our own magazines, newspapers, or TV programmes, though some attempts at TV programmes have been made . There have been, at any rate, two (masculinist, essentially) programmes, which have since been closed down:

  1. "Club of Frank Men". Its producer Komissarov now runs a TV programme on the second Russian state TV chanel, but it's an absolutely neutral one, called "My Family", dealing with family problems, and so on...

  2. Another programme was "Men's Club", and its producer was Krupenin -- now this programme, too, has been closed down...

Perhaps, the reason they were closed down was financial, rather than ideological, but in view of the entire nature of modern Russian TV, which has been described above, and the enormous presence of feminist TV programs, this is not likely to have been the case...

On the other hand, the financial question is another very important aspect of Masculism and Patriarchalism in Russia... Although the feminists have got a whole lot of business enterprises through and in so-called little or small businesses, and hold their feminist business conferences on various questions relating to the "development of women's business initiatives", and so on, Masculism in Russia hasn't got anything similar...

By the way, Russian feminists in the first half of the '90s even got their own faction in the National Parliament, but, God bless, they lost it in 1995... Russian women, who supported them before, didn't continue to do so in the second part of the '90s...

As to a Masculist political faction in the National Parliament, it exists only as a dream...

The Situation in Central Asia (Afghanistan)

Now, I'd like,to say a little about events in Central Asia. They are very important for all masculists and patriarchalists... Afghanistan was the single, 100% patriarchalist state in the world... There are some tribes and little nations which have the same level of patriarchalism (some in Oceania, Africa, and maybe Latin America), but they have not got supreme political power as the Taleban had... Even Iran is only 50% patriarchalistic, because the real patriarchalists have got one half of political power there...

I see Mullah Omar as some sort of Trotsky of Islam... I'll explain ... Trotsky said that the Russian Revolution had to become some sort of brushwood for the World Fire of Revolution ... Lenin said that the Bolsheviks had to make their conquests in one single country... Mullah Omar wished to spread his style of Islam all over Central Asia and lost his State... I think this Omar was a silly person... and he is responsible for the collapse of what was maybe the first completely patriarchalist state in the modern world... In practice, he acted as the dictator of Afghanistan, as a stool-pigeon. At any rate, his activity appeared provocative. As to terror, it's not effective -- it leads to nothing. You always need to have millions of people rise up if you wish to change something...


Michael Nicolai Motorin,
Poste Restante Department,
Central Telegraph,
Moscow 13009,




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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