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The Poodles, Paul Henry and Simon Dallow, Treat Men Like Mushrooms

© Peter Zohrab 2015

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TV3's Paul Henry and TV One's Simon Dallow treat their fellow-men like mushrooms: they keep them in the dark and feed them horse manure.

I have twice phoned TV3 producers (NB they were both female) and asked to appear on Henry's programme in relation to a particular issue that was being discussed, and both times they refused. The first request related to Henry's previous late-night programme, and the second related to his breakfast programme. On the first occasion, the producer, Janika ter Ellen, asked me what I would be saying! This shows an incredible level of either censorship or arrogance. Why would a stupid female journalist know anything about valid sex-war arguments, from a male point of view? This is not just about me -- Paul Henry NEVER invites Men's Rights Activists onto his programmes! Once he got two people onto his programme in order to discuss Feminism -- but they were both women! Sometimes he makes mildly anti-female or misogynistic remarks -- but this is just to prevent viewers from noticing that he never discusses anything pro-male or anti-Feminist on a properly political level. Paul Henry is just a women's poodle.

Simon Dallow doesn't even pretend to be pro-male. In fact, he spends a lot of the time on Sunday's Q+A programme trying to prove that he is really a woman. For example, on 16th August 2015 he discussed so-called "pay equity", and he only had women on the panel -- one was an actual woman lawyer, and the other three (including himself) were men who have never been known to criticise anything Feminist. Dallow argued for so-called "pay equity", on the grounds that there was an irresistible wave of change in that direction emanating from overseas! That "wave" is purely in his mind and in the minds of fellow-Leftists, of course! Dallow pretended, as always, that the only counter-argument to any Feminist proposal is the amount of money that it would cost! Fascist girls like Dallow censor all pro-male information and play leap-frog with similar poodles in other Feminist countries. Some anti-male legislation is passed in one of these countries, and immediately female poodles in other countries, such as Dallow, say, "Quick, we have to submit to this irresistible wave!"


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