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Human Rights in China and New Zealand

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(Open Letter to New Zealand Prime Minister John Key)

I was glad to hear that you discussed human rights with the Chinese leadership, on your last visit to China.  When I was teaching Chinese, the amount of subservience shown by White New Zealanders towards Chinese people was simply amazing-- so I hope you are showing appropriate respect for what you can learn from China, as far as human rights are concerned.

In China, as the article Law Clarifies Men's Right to Have Children explains, men actually have some human rights, whereas your government has absolutely no concept of men having rights.    In China, unlike New Zealand, "all citizens, men and women, have the right to have a child and they have equal responsibility in performing family planning."  The law which created this human right for men was the result of an unsuccessful court case, in which "a man in northwest China's Shaanxi Province sued his wife for having an induced abortion without his consent. He also sued the hospital which conducted the surgery on his wife."

In New Zealand, women virtually have abortion on demand.  Vast hordes of women get abortions on the hypocritical pretence that they would suffer psychological harm if they gave birth to the child inside them.  Meanwhile, the fathers have absolutely no right and no say in the matter of abortion.  However, if the mother decides to go through with the birth, the father is then enslaved to the mother to provide for the child -- whether through the payment of child support, or otherwise.

I, too, have taken an unsuccessful men's human rights court case against the government -- the New Zealand government.  I hope you will read the statement of claim and follow your Chinese big brothers and introduce legislation which actually give men the rights which that statement of claim demanded.


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