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The Sexist and Racist Wellington City Council

Peter Zohrab 2017

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As I note in one version of my book, Sex, Lies & Feminism, the Feminist, Fran Wilde, in her mayoral election campaign, went so far as to hold a public meeting on what it would mean to turn Wellington into a Feminist city. There are two important points here:

  1. She did not ask what it would mean to turn Wellington into a Sexual Equality city -- she asked what it would mean to turn it into a *Feminist* city;

  2. Fran Wilde was a professional politician who had been a Member of Parliament -- yet she did not have any idea herself what "Feminist" meant, so she had to ask for suggestions!

Here is what I say in my book:

One long-term result of Fran Wilde's meeting on making Wellington a Feminist city ... seems to have been the subsequent implementation of penis-envy as civic policy: male-only and female-only toilets were abolished, in favour of unisex ones. The Feminists behind this move appear to hate urinals, because women have no use for them, and because they are a solid reminder of men's and women's undeniable anatomical difference, which flies in the face of the Lesbian Feminist drive to make everyone as unisex and androgynous as possible. Feminists in Sweden have been mounting an explicit campaign against urinals, whereas in Wellington one can only speculate as to the underlying agenda behind an otherwise inexplicable change.

So we can see that Feminists are too stupid to know what "Feminism" means and we can also see that Feminism has nothing to do with equality between men and women, because abolishing male-only toilets forced men to have to wait for cubicles, just as women have to do, instead of being able to use a urinal in the usual, efficient and productive manner. Here we had a Feminist, Fran Wilde, giving a benefit to women (more cubicles) at the expense of convenience and productivity for men. This is a zero-sum approach to the Sex War, rather than an Equality approach. It is Female Supremacism!

I don't want to be hypocritical about this, however; there was actually a consultation process prior to this change and I was consulted. I said that men-only public toilets were smelly and used as a meeting-place for Homosexuals, as well as for their primary purpose. I said that I was in favour of a change to unisex toilets for those reasons. However, my point here is the Feminist motivation for the change, rather than whether I agreed with it for other reasons.

I am not aware of their having been any consultation for the following change, however: The Wellington City Council has decided to stop having a fireworks show on Guy Fawkes' Day and to have one on Maori New Year (Matariki) instead. I am 67 years old and have lived in New Zealand for about 44 of those years, but it is only in the last few years that I have ever heard of Matariki, whereas Guy Fawkes' Day is one of my fond childhood memories. I would have been in favour of having some sort of Council celebration of Matariki, but it is obvious that fireworks were not part of any traditional Maori celebration tradition.

More importantly, the Council has not sought to have a Maori celebration in addition to a traditional British festival -- it has abolished the British festival and replaced it with a Maori festival. This is a zero-sum approach, Maori racism and cultural genocide against people of British descent.

Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.






Peter Douglas Zohrab

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4 November 2017