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TVNZ Cons New Zealand (yet again)!

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The bitches' tails are wagging the dog again. Can you imagine a feminist getting a job at TVNZ? Yes, because they are almost all feminists already. Can you imagine a masculist (Men's Rights Activist) getting a job at TVNZ? Only if he has no chance to promote his point of view!

That is democracy -- New Zealand style!

Thanks to my efforts, and despite the lies of the feminists, it is now becoming well-known in New Zealand that women commit just as much domestic violence as men do -- see http://www.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm . So now the feminists are turning their attention to saying that if a woman does hit a man, then it's OK.

On the 2nd of July 2012, the low-brow TVNZ entertainment show, "Breakfast", had their male weather-presenter (I forget his name) "fight" a good-looking female from a reality TV show in a boxing-ring. At least, I think she was from a reality TV show, which is apparently very popular. I don't watch reality TV.

As he said before the "fight" the weather-presenter was not actually going to try to hit her -- he was just going to duck and weave. After the fight (which may not have been screened -- anyway, I didn't see it), he turned up in front of the camera, apparently happy and excited, and showing off a big mark or bruise on the side of his face.

The message clearly was that it was sexy and exciting for a woman to hit a man. This message was underlined by the two main presenters -- the male one making some remark about how the behaviour of the weather-presenter was that of a "gentleman"! When do you ever hear men referred to as "gentlemen" these days? Only when they are supposed to be subservient to women, as on this occasion. Because of feminism, however, even female criminals are referred to as "ladies". See http://thehairpin.com/2011/04/the-lady-criminal-is-a-master-of-disguise/ . When do you ever hear of them referred to as "women"? Rarely.

Anyway, right after (or during) this segment, there was an interview about family violence.

That was a deliberate TVNZ ploy to make New Zealanders treat female violence in the home as a sexy -- or at least harmless -- matter.


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