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The Incompetent, Sexist Scum, Susan Wood, Interviews the Incompetent, Sexist Scum, Peter Boshier

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Television New Zealand thinks New Zealanders are so stupid that anything more complicated than rolling around in the mud clutching an inflated pigskin is too hard for them!  On the one hand, Breakfast host, Rawdon Christie, suggested on 11 April 2013 that women should slap any man who asked them if they were pregnant -- and, on the other hand, on 12 May 2013 Susan Wood (on Q+A) interviewed the Head of the sexist, man-hating White Ribbon campaign in New Zealand, Peter Boshier, about domestic violence, and both of them talked as if domestic violence was just something that men did to women!

So we have this dumbed-down, mass-indoctrination channel encouraging women to hit men if they don't like what they say, and, at the same time, treating the problem of domestic violence as if it was just something that men did to women!

Peter Boshier used to be the Principal Family Court Judge, and I am glad they managed to kick him out of that job, the sexist scum.  As I pointed out in 2009, he had said in an interview that, logically, a mother will probably get sole care if she applies for it!  That was against the background of scum like Boshier denying Fathers' Movement accusations that the Family Court was biased against fathers, and the fact that the legislation that he was operating under stated that " it must not be presumed that placing the child in the day-to-day care of a particular person will, because of that person’s sex (my emphasis), best serve the welfare and best interests of the child."

Now Boshier has dropped all pretence of being a decent, fair, impartial, non-discriminatory, non-sexist person, and has become the greasy weasel-face of the man-hating White Ribbon campaign.

In fact, I had never been able to look at him without feeling as if I was about to vomit.  When I was a student at Law School, I attended an evening talk he gave, which was attended by both lawyers and students, apparently -- some of whom apparently expected me to ask him a question or argue with him about something.  I'm sure there were people there who wanted some light shed on the issue of whether there was or was not bias in the Family Court, and what caused it.  However, I said nothing -- partly because Boshier's talk did not mention any issue that was controversial, and partly because I did not want to get into an argument with him, when I might be appearing before him, representing a client in the Family Court.

Anyaway, my position has always been that the bias in the Family Court has to do with the biases of the people working there -- the judges, lawyers, psychologists, and so on.  Boshier has proved my point.  There is absolutely no point talking to viciously anti-male scum like him about bias in the Family Court, because they are themselves ultra-biased.

As a typical Feminist, Boshier is never happy unless he's lying: early in the interview (which I didn't watch, but downloaded the transcript of), Boshier said that "only about 20% of family violence ever surfaces."  Susan Wood asked him "How did you get that number?" and Boshier just ignored the question, because he was lying.

Wood is also a scummy, incompetent liar.  At one point, she said that women were generally the victim of domestic violence, although that is a blatant lie - a favourite lie of the lying Feminists.  The liar Wood cited no statistics.  In fact, women assault men just as often as men assault women -- see Research on Domestic Violence in New Zealand and REFERENCES EXAMINING ASSAULTS BY WOMEN ON THEIR SPOUSES OR MALE PARTNERS: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY.


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