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Feminist Double Standards

Peter Zohrab 2017

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(Open Letter to the Principal of Wellington College)


Dear Mr. Moses,

As one of Wellington College’s top students in a former year, and an expert of what are called “gender issues”, I feel impelled to give you my unsolicited guidance on some of the issues which underlie the recent scandal relating to online student comments about having sexual intercourse with drunken girls. In fact, I suggest that you invite me to address an assembly on this topic. I remember being addressed in an assembly at Wellington College by William Pickering, and I am confident that I am much more famous in New Zealand now than he was at that time. However, I doubt that you will accept my suggestion.

It all has to do with abstract thought. I trust that you teach your students to employ abstract thinking in their life and studies. Indeed, I hope that you do not prohibit them from using abstract thought on the grounds that New Zealand is a Feminist country and females are fairly incapable of abstract thought, so that males should not show women up by using abstract thought themselves!

For example, you may or may not recall that most of all the Feminist demands over the years – from the right to vote onwards to current Feminist demands – have tended to be based on an appeal to “Equality”. However, women were granted (by men) the right to vote, without men demanding that women be EQUALLY liable to military conscription. In fact, New Zealand men have never had any legislation passed which granted them equality with women, in those areas of life where women have advantages over men. Of course, Feminists have taken control of the media and education system, so there is little to no publicity about those areas of life where women have advantages over men.

And males are also disadvantaged – in fact, oppressed -- in dating, courtship and sex. Whereas there is an onus on males to take the initiative in dating, courtship and sex, the Law, in most cases, only punishes transgressions which are committed by the person who takes the initiative. In other words (in case you haven’t got the point) the Law only punishes the male. You have failed in your duty to equip young men for life – i.e. you have failed to teach them that they have to participate in the democratic process in order to protect their own interests, because 99% of women and a majority of men are only interested in having the political-legal system protect the interests of females!

For example, today on Television One (on the Q+A programme) I saw some immigrants/refugees crossing illegally from the USA to Canada, within view of Canadian police, who promptly arrested them. My point is that one man was heard worrying about the way that “women and children” were treated – yet the police officer who was later filmed putting handcuffs on him was a female! Males only seem to worry about women and children, yet women are now increasingly in positions of power and influence, and they too (being Feminists) also only care about women and children! Who cares about males? Do you?

You may have heard Feminists protesting about “double standards”, whereby sexually active females are called “sluts”, but sexually active males are praised. Well, then, why haven’t the Feminists been protesting about the double standard, whereby women can dress and behave provocatively, act ambiguously and get drunk – but then it is only the males who get punished, because they are forced to act upon the devious invitations of predatory females? If they don’t take the initiative, they will be called all sorts of names and some other male will take their girlfriend from them!

Moreover, females do commit sexual assaults on males, but this is given zero publicity in the Feminist media and education system, so males are not even aware that it is happening, when it does. Of course, most male PPTA members are Feminists – or scared of Feminists. Having been a secondary teacher myself, I can supply many anecdotes to this effect. That is why our young men do not get the preparation for life that they deserve – and desperately need!

Yours sincerely,

Peter Zohrab



Peter Douglas Zohrab

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19 March 2017