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Dedicating My Next Book to Jacinda Ardern

Peter Zohrab 2019

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(Open Letter to the New Zealand Prime Minister)


Dear Jacinda Ardern,


I am going to dedicate my next book to you. I am not going to ask your permission to do this. I am just going to do it.

My last book was called "Sex, Lies & Feminism," and my next book will be a sequel, called "Inferiority, Lies & Feminism".

You epitomise, in many ways, these three words.





What made me decide to dedicate my book to you was seeing you talk about gender equity in sports. You were reported in the print media as follows:

"She added that equity in sport was an issue and both genders in all codes deserved the right to be paid."

I was gobsmacked by the sheer evil and stupidity of that statement. Being a woman in New Zealand, you obviously feel that you can say absolutely anything that you feel like saying -- no matter how ludicrous! The media will always glorify Feminist statements.

Feminists have forced the integration of workplaces and have driven women into every possible profession -- except some of the most dangerous and dirty ones, of course! However, since sports is one area where it is (so far, anyway!) impossible to conceal female inferiority, sports activities are sexually segregated -- unless it is a horse or machine that is doing the actual work. What equity demands is that sports be integrated, so that no money is siphoned away from competent male athletes to segregated, uncompetitive female athletes! In addition, the New Zealand female netballers who you were referring to in the above statement were defeated by a male team recently! If female netballers have the right to be paid, so do male netballers, disabled netballers, junior netballers and senior netballers -- but you didn't mention them, since you are sexist! All you care about is women.





As I mentioned above, it is a lie to say "both genders in all codes deserved the right to be paid." If that was the case, you would have to allow less qualified and less able males into employment areas such as teaching and pay them the same as more qualified and more able females -- since there is a shortage of males in the education sector. But you don't do that, of course! You enforce equal standards, unless it would benefit females to have double standards!





You are a Feminist. You have even written an article entitled: "Jacinda Ardern: I am a feminist." Unfortunately, you are not a scholar. In your article, you even state, "I am no scholar." By contrast, I am a scholar. Specifically, I have held a Junior Scholarship and an Erasmus Scholarship. So I can inform you that you have no idea what "Feminism" means. Read my previous book!

You state, "if you believe in equality, you should be a feminist." I say, "If you believe in equality, you should be an anti-Feminist.


See also:


-- Hamill, Jasper (2019): "Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim." Metro, 4 Jan 2019.




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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19 January 2020