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Western Feminists Admit Conning and Recolonising India!

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In 2013, the Indian and international media dictatorship manipulated the Indian electorate and bullied politicians into changing rape laws in irrelevant and unrelated ways.  They did this because the Indian media ape the Western media, which are Feminist-dominated and dominate Western so-called "democracies".  The elitist media did this by igoring crimes against men (such as the murder of THREE men on a bus), and waited until they could focus on, and hype up, the rape and murder of ONE woman.  They did this by implying that rape was a bigger problem in India than elsewhere, and stirred up feelings of patriotic shame amongst Indian citizens.  For example, Reuters stated that "the case cemented India's reputation as unsafe for women." Reuters, of course, is a mickey-mouse organisation. The media routinely ignore the vast majority of potential news stories and concentrate on disseminating those that conform to their political -- including Feminist -- agendas.

The World News page of the BBC Feminist Political Party has a regular, daily slot for Feminist and Homosexual propaganda, which seems to alternate between Feminist and Homosexual propaganda, but has a short break over the Christmas-New Year period.  Its article How a rape changed India admits -- very near the end -- that 'The problem did not lie with the rape figures; they never had, and in statistical terms, India had no more of a "rape problem" than many Western countries, including the US.'

In other words, this was a media conspiracy, bent on imposing Western, Feminist values upon India!  Journalists are a bunch of morons who find themselves with huge, undemocratic power, and they proceed to use this to stir up hysteria about whatever political agenda they happen to prefer, and to make life difficult for those politicians who they happen to dislike.


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