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Issues: the Dykeocracy

Summary Haiku:

Men have no rights,
but aren't less human.
We blame sexism.


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Abolition of Men's Human Rights in New Zealand

A First Course in the Dykist Language

A Sexist Dyke in Parliament

Abstracts relating to Lesbian Domestic Violence

Abuse of Power and Intrusion into Privacy by New Zealand Broadcasters and by the New Zealand Parliament

Andrew Little Lies Like a Girl.

Are All Kiwi Women Dykes?

Epidemic of Political Stupidity in NaZealand

Examples of Apparently Lesbian Feminists

Expulsion of Jan Logie from Parliament

Green MP Jan Logie Proves that Women's Suffrage Should Be Repealed

Hidden Dykes of Television New Zealand

Honey Trap and Selling Out

If Jacinda Ardern is Lipstick on a Pig, Who is the Pig that she is the Lipstick on?

Incompetence and Man-Hating Victimisation of Men

Jan Logie: Man-Hating as a Religion

Lesbian Feminists

Lying Logie Cons Parliament Into Convicting Innocent Men.

Media Sexism and Stupidity in Alliance with University Sexism and Stupidity

More Fake News from the Lesbians at the Radio New Zealand Cesspit

Multiculturalism and the Sex War

Obituary: Jeanette Fitzsimons

Personal is Political

Psychodynamics of the Sex War

Sexist and Racist Wellington City Council

Sexual Violence Interview of Jan Logie by Q+A (Transcript)

Two Sexist White Ribbon Bullies Bite the Dust!

Unscientific Radical Feminist Insurgency inside Police National Headquarters

Unscientific Radical Feminist Interference in Pacific Islands Internal Affairs

Western Lesbian Feminist Neocolonialism




Peter Douglas Zohrab

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11 April 2021