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The mass media are huge lie-factories.  Populated by staff who were selected for their nice writing-style (in the print media), their nice voices (radio) or their nice faces (TV), they then proceed to use their power to pursue whatever political objectives they fancy.

Since Feminists are so powerful in the media, they proceed to ban all truth, where that is inconvenient to their self-interest.  For example -- as is well-known -- sports disciplines practise sexist double standards, because this suits women.  Instead of sports competitors (amateur or professional) having to compete on a "level playing-field", as they have to do in ordinary workplaces, women compete in apartheid-style separate competitions.

That is bad enough.  But the media even regularly report these substandard, female competitions, when they hardly ever mention masters, junior or disabled competitions, which are similarly substandard.

Even that is not enough for these media lie-factories!  New Zealand's Television One even censors out the word "women's" when an event is a women's event, mentions the women's event first, and then calls the non-substandard event the "men's" event!

I have even recently heard the newsreader, Peter Williams (a former sports reporter), complain (as if this was a great new idea that had occurred to him) that top male golfers were paid more than top female tennis players!  There are several things wrong with this:

  1. That was not a news item;

  2. It was Feminist propaganda;

  3. It was not a great new insight that he had gained as the result of a lightbulb lighting up in his brain, but the result of working in an environment where Feminist propaganda was part of the air that you breathe;

  4. Male golfers have to drive off a tee that is further from the hole than do women golfers;

  5. Male professional tennis players often have to play best-of-five sets for the same (or almost the same) money as women who only play best-of-three-sets;

  6. Female professional tennis and golf players win prizes without having to compete against male players, and male players are not allowed to play in women's competitions;

Similarly, I have seen and heard the Feminist lie-media say that sportswoman Valerie Adams is as great as the former sportsman Peter Snell.  Valerie Adams is a make-believe athlete performing in a substandard competition, in which she never has to compete against male athletes. Only in a make-believe, fictional media world is she on a par with Peter Snell -- or any other male athlete!


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