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Dyke TV Up to its Compulsive Lying Again!

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The Man-hating scum at Television New Zealand seem to have lost the battle to demonise men with regard to domestic violence, so now they have proactively gone out to find some other issue to demonise men about: under-age sex. "Yes, it is always men," the walrus-liar, Mark Sainsbury, says.


TVNZ's Use of Domestic Violence to Demonise Men

It was TVNZ who powerfully and dictatorially planted in the public's mind the notion that domestic violence was something that men did to women. Period. This was based on the creativity of the Feminist man-haters, who invented the Duluth (Power and Control) model of domestic violence, according to which domestic violence was the result of men wanting to control women. Of course, no one has ever produced a single shred of evidence that this model corresponds to facts on the ground. If you want facts on the ground, consult Professor Martin Fiebert's annotated bibliography of domestic violence research, which

examines 282 scholarly investigations: 218 empirical studies and 64 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.

(Search that page for specific countries, such as "New Zealand", for the word "weapon", and for the word "initiate", etc..)

The knock-out blow, for New Zealand television audiences, was probably the sight of a large female Maori shoplifter caught on security camera repeatedly bashing a security guard on the head with her large handbag. No matter how brainwashed or stupid a person may be, it is extremely difficult to explain this sight as the result of an evil security guard trying to assert his power and control over an innocent, battered women. There are three important points here:

  1. You can tell the truth until you are blue in the face, but until a critical mass of viewers see something on TV with their own eyes, the TV man-hater journalists will always be able to make you out to be a fanatic, extremist, or worse;

  2. The feminists have been pushing the line that women don't hit men, or don't hit them hard, because women are smaller than men, although no one ever says that big men should not retaliate against being hit by smaller men. Men are supposed to just put up with women hitting them. However, no matter how brainwashed or stupid a person may be, it is extremely difficult to defend the claim that a security guard has to put up with being repeatedly bashed on the head by a female shoplifter wielding a large handbag -- just because she is female;

  3. People forget about weapons. Why is a big size any protection against a kitchen knife, a gun, or any sort of attack when you are asleep, disabled, drunk or looking in another direction?



TVNZ's Use of Under-Age Sex to Demonise Men

The man-hating media use the same tactic that the universities use, and call it "research":

  1. they look for something,

  2. they find it,

  3. and then they say that anything that they haven't looked for doesn't exist.

    They used this tactic with Domestic Violence, and they use it with people in chat-rooms "grooming" under-age children for sex. Walrus TV (a.k.a. the programme "Close-Up") set up someone (the producer) pretending to be a 14-year-old girl, who put themselves into a chatroom which was known by Police to be a place where male pedophiles seek out under-age girls. Surprise! Surprise! They found some!!!

The Walrus (a.k.a. Mark Sainsbury) starts his report with the statement that only men do this sort of thing. However,

Child sexual abuse by females is grossly under-reported, but here is one recent example which was reported:

Detention for woman who had sex with boys


As Myriam Denov reports, in her book Perspectives on Female Sex Offending: A Culture of Denial, (p. 70), in the Police, "Training appeared to focus exclusively on sexual assault as a crime committed by males (sic) perpetrators against female victims." That being the case, the ordinary police officer is hardly likely to take seriously allegations of sexual assault levelled at females. She was not writing about the New Zealand Police, but I have every reason to believe that the Police in New Zealand are no different.


The Media University Complex

Non-feminist ideas on feminist issues get bad marks at universities, so only feminists get to teach courses on these issues. At Victoria University of Wellington, I was recently taught International Relations Theory by a male feminist flake, Robert Deuchars. In an essay, I had happened to mention that the media were biased against men. Because he said he had hurt his hand and could not write, I was forced to phone him to get his comments on this essay, and one of his comments was that the media could not be biased against men, because the Media Studies department at his hometown university (Glasgow) did not mention anti-male bias in the media! I replied that I was 99.9% certain that they have never even researched the topic. Anyway, I asked the Glasgow Media Group (including Professor Greg Philo) about this twice by email, but got no reply.

It is my general experience of academics that they know very little about anything outside their very narrow specialty -- but they are usually quite certain that anything they know nothing about does not even exist!!


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